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Game Description:


  In this game, based on Will Wright's successful SIMS franchise, the player creates a virtual person, or SIM, and then helps that person live out their virtual life.  Your SIM can get a job, has hobbies, and even personality quirks that emerge when interacting with other SIMS.




Lesson Plans By Subject Area:


Language Arts/English


  • Lesson 1: Who's your SIM? - Students will create SIM characters to understand the character element of fiction.  They will develop and cultivate character traits for a video game avatar, while connecting it to the development of characters within literature. 
  • Lesson 2:  It's SIMply about perspective. - Students will create a writing piece based on their SIM from a first-person, second-person, or third-person point-of-view.
  • Lesson 3: Comic SIMmetry - Students will be able to structure a story based upon the use of the five parts of plot.


Notes and Observations:


Students Share Their Thoughts from Lesson 1:  Who's Your SIM?






Here Are Some Thoughts from The School's Principal and Math Coach:




Image Credit - SIMS 3 - EA Games


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