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Civilization Revolution

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Civilization Revolution


Game Description:


This game is based on game designer, Sid Meier's, popular Civilization series.  Players assume the role of a historic leader and lead their civilization from very primitive early stages to the modern age.  While doing so, they will engage in diplomacy with neighboring cultures, develop science and technology, monitor their economy and culture, and engage in warfare with other civilizations.




Lesson Plans By Subject Area:


Language Arts/English



Notes and Observations:


(2/12/10) - A full lesson plan will be posted soon.  Students are currently participating as a different historical leaders in the game are are required to try to play with the same motivations that leader had or is thought to have had.  (They did research online prior to playing.)  They are required to journal the experience from that person's point-of-view.  Here's an excerpt from one student's journal (un-edited):


February 8, 2010


I Cleopatra have created my city of Thebes.  My consultant and I were making plans on how we were going to make our city the greatest but then we were attacked by the barbarians.  They said they will destroy our city unless we paid them 335 gold!  I said, "Stand aside smelly one," and we went into battle he had fearsome warriors but alas he lost the battle.  Our city's people are getting smarter by the minute.  We have already learned about Iron Working, Engineering, Horseback Riding, Mathematics, Alphabet, and Bronze Working.  By the next day I hope I can get more defense along our coast and alot more gold.  Also my warriors must be rewarded for their hard work.

February 9, 2010


Yes I have achieved my goals of which I set and I now am the number 1 ruler in the world people in thebes our wealthy and in good homes.  I send my soldiers on a journey to new lands But the Aztecs offered a peace treaty.  like the nice person I am I accepted the treaty.  But later the threatened my people and allowed the barbarians to enter my territory!  We shall se who has the stronger warriors.  So I sent out 4 spys one for each villige they were attacked by Ghandis warriors but later he made a peace treaty.  Gandhi is one smart man he suggested that we take over the aztecs land.


February 10, 2010


This day was the best day ever I declared war on Berlin because they stole a piece of my land so I broke my treaty and attacked.  The first time my legion army attacked they put in all of their effort and they won!  afterwards I made an Horseman Army and the kept attacking until we won the land back plus more.  then Alexander the Great offered a peice treaty for their friendship and I accepted it.  Tomorrow I hope to make the whole continent mine and if any one stands in my way I will kill them like I killed my brother!


I also overheard some great quotes from students as they played.  Recall that though each civilization and its leader has certain attributes, they don't always behave in a historically accurate manner which creates some really interesting game situations.  Here are the quotes:


"What?  Gandhi's archers just slaughtered my guys!"


"Man!  Why did I make peace with Gandhi?"


"Gandhi cancelled our peace treaty.  I thought he didn't like war!"


"I'm Genghis Khan.  I'll attack anyone I want!"


"Civilians with axes going up against a horde of barbarians.  This should be rich."


"We are researching Eli Whitney in one of my other classes and he just appeared in one of my cities!"


"Abe's not honest.  He promised me peace!"



Image Credit:  Civilization Revolution Screenshot - 2K Games

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