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Here's information about the hardware we're using in Pender County for this project:


iPod Touch


iPod Touch 2nd Generation running OS 3.1



Bretford PowerSync Cart for iPod


Front View - the cart has a sliding door the slides up and down (think garage door) to reveal the two iPod drawers and the bottom storage compartment.  When the drawer is open in the front, it slides to cover the back.  When closed, a lock in the rear can prevent the door from being raised.


Profile View - We're very tempted to put some blue and silver decals (and maybe lights) on this thing to make it look like R2D2.  The front wheels swivel and the large wheels make it easy to push about.  There are vent holes on the side and a large, fixed handle.


Rear View - The power cable emerges from the bottom rear of the unit.  Just above that, two USB cables emerge for each of the two internal drawers.  These cables allow you to charge and sync up to 20 iPod Touches at a time if using a Mac.  A power/reset switch is present to turn on electricity for charging.  A hinged piece of metal (visible at the top) rotates out in the "closed" position to allow locking.


Drawer View - Here, you can see one of the two drawers extended.  Sync cables for data and charging are available for each slot.  LED's at each station are available to indicate charge status.  A locking mechanism ensures that only one drawer can be extended at a time.


Drawer Close-Up - This is a closer look at the slots for the iPods.



We have not yet purchased cases for the iPods.



The iPods are synced to a MacBook Pro 15". - 2Ghz Intel Core Duo, 2 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM, Mac HD.


Using a Mac allows you to sync multiple iPod Touches at once as opposed to syncing one at a time with a PC.

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